The European Marketing Automation Committee developed a new certified program for Marketeers in order to be able to adapt Marketing Automation Techniques and methodes on a strategical, tactical and operational level. The Program covers areas of lead generation, retention, upsell techniques and service management combined with the latest proven technology available on the market and with in depth knowledge of GDPR.

EUMAC is stimulating the sharing of knowledge and distributing this knowledge in the area of Marketing Automation filling the gap between Marketeers and technical staff.

From the tactical targets up to the construction of API interfaces, or the use of API platforms. EUMAC tries to cover and connect all area’s to get Marketing Automation understandable for all stakeholders.

Marketing Automation Expert

The first Certified program is the new Marketing Automation Expert, developed for CMD’s, Marketing directors, Commercial Managers, Marketeers, email marketeers, Sales Directors, consultants, SME’s, startups. It’s curriculums’ goal is to understand how to implement Marketing Automation based upon the strategic, tactical and operational challenges the organisation is in.

The program is setup based on interviews, research and many Marketing Automation Projects from as early as 2007 up to this date.

The certified program is available from June 2019.

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