Certified Program


This certified program is aimed at the marketing automation professional, working on those ‘heavy’ and ‘programmers skills needed’ marketing automation software, like selligent or Adobe Campaign Classic. So for those type of solutions where programming skills and an it background is needed.  The typical attendee has an IT-background.

Marketing Automation

In order to set and implement marketing automation you need to understand a lot of marketing and examples of automated marketing.

CRM techniques

CRM plays an important role, you will learn how to effectively, efficiently you can connect marketing automation to CRM suites. Including all possible constraints like mitigate doubles, connectivity failures, api constraints etc.


What is profiling and how to build profiles automatically along the way. How to use them in the marketing tactical choices of the organization. Learn about profiles and GDPR rules.

Flow techniques

Learn the way to organize and program funnels, information flows, and still be flexible.

A/B Testing

Why and how is marketing automation used to implement A/B testing. Lots of examples and cases are discussed to get a deep insight how to set it up.

Form management

Learn about form usage and form management including all of the needed GDPR legal aspects.

User recognition

User recognition is an important aspect of marketing automation. GDPR has a lot of restrictions throughout the whole user/customer lifecycle,. You need to know about this in order to setup all of the flows and funnels up to the CRM and re

Marketing Automation service center

You learn :How to setup Marketing Automation as a services in co-orporation with marketing, sales, service and or publishing, communication, data management etc.


Marketing without KPA/KPI management is not the way to go. Learn how you can setup a KPA/KPI dashboard and about what tools are suited for this job. Learn how you can distribute data into you business dashboard software, based on examples.

API techniques

Connectivity and all of the pitfalls, testing, construction and examples of failure and success. API platforms wil be a part of this module as well.

SKill Set marketing automation professional

Learn about the requested skillset for marketing Automation Professionals.


How to incorporate all of the rules within marketing automation, without being hold up by their restrictions. Form management hand form management suites are part of this module as well.

Marketing Automation Professional


With the EUMAC Certification program, you can enable continuous learning, keep skills up-to-date, and stay current with new marketing automation techniques and strategies, new cloud product releases, API connectivity isights, while assuring and validating the highest standards of Marketing Automation Professional expertise across your organization. 

Marketing Automation Certification

Benefits of Certification

Why would you go for a certification in the field of Marketing Automation?

  • Gain a highly recognized, on-demand accreditation of excellence in the field of marketing automation
  • Differentiate yourself in an upcoming new market
  • Execute tasks with confidence and skills
  • Attain higher wages and billable rates with a highly valued credential
  • Gather more projects for your marketing automation consulting agency
  • Stimulate your marketing automation team with continuous knowledge
  • Certifications are available in any European language upon request to meet the needs of learners across your entire organization. All currently available certifications can be found here. 
  • Training Agencies can adapt these programs to conduct their training as a member of EUMAC.
Expert & professional

Certification Programs

Learn more about the different EUMAC Certification programs.

Expert certification – Offered in addition to an Associate certification, this certification level focuses on a specific role or Marketing [Automation] Area.

Professional certification – Advanced certification, requiring proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions

Certified Marketing Automation Professional

Online Exam

Learn more about the EUMAC Certification program and see how subject matter experts can become certified and can keep their skills current.

  1. A subscription to our Certification Hub provides you for 24-months the option to schedule up to a maximum of 2 exam bookings over your subscription period.
  2. Your subscription is valid for all exams available for booking in the Certification Hub. 
  3. You also can take each exam up to a maximum of two times.
  4. The EUMAC Certification online exams are remotely proctored via a webcam on your PC or laptop and you can schedule your exam 24/7 via our certification platform. When you finalized your exam of exams, you will be added to the marketing automation permanent education program.
certified marketing automation professional

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