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EUMAC - The European Marketing Automation Committee

European Marketing automation Committee is oriented towards the innovation, adaptation and development, testing and sharing of new practical Marketing Automation innovation support services for Large companies up to SMEs, start-ups, and professionals and experts. 

  • Research on innovation in Marketing Automation
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Certified programs
  • Expert groups
  • Marketing Automation innovation Platform
  • Overview on tools, suites and platforms


Delivered in the field training and sharing skills and stimulation of partnerships between European Marketing Automation innovation professionals in view of their wider application. The overall objective is to accelerate Marketing Automation innovation processes and knowledge and thus to facilitate the sharing ow knowledge of Marketing Automation innovative methods, products, services and skillsets.


That is why EUMAC is working closely with members across Europe to reinforce regional marketing automation professionals networks, foster university-business collaboration and support regional marketing automation knowledge and innovation initiatives. 

Experts & Professionals

The Committee is doing this in close consultation with its Expert Group on Marketing Automation for the Marketing Automation managers, with a marketing background, and The Group on marketing automation professionals, with mainly a technical background through a number of events and activities involving Business Examples, Regional or international Agency’s, Universities and and other stakeholders interested in Marketing Automation innovation.

Promotion and Sharing

Promoting and sharing Marketing Automation Innovation knowledge and experience  is the key priority area. In this context, EUMAC is working to strengthen the strategic role that Marketing Automation Professionals and experts including universities and Tools and platform suppliers play in Marketing Automation innovation, specifically through its certified education and events on the topic, and to contribute to the shape of research and innovation strategies for Marketing Automation innovation. Its main recommendations for actions to improve the effectiveness of European Marketing Automation Innovation knowledge sharing and development and innovation initiatives are formulated in the EUMAC policy position on Marketing Automation innovation strategies and in the EUMAC statement on the future of Marketing Automation innovation.

March 11 2020 |

The European Marketing Automation Committee – Policy Position

Develop knowledge on marketing automation innovation for regional development by sharing and education.

To maximise the effectiveness of Developing knowledge on marketing automation for regional development by research, sharing and education, it is important to fully capitalise on tangible and intangible assets that regional markets offer for the benefit of the effectiveness of marketing automation.

Based on the outcomes of the EUAMAC survey and workshops on the European Marketing Automation innovation, EUMAC and its Expert Group on European Marketing Automation Innovation have developed key curriculla and a permanent education structure. Inovations within the field of marketing Automation will be gathered and researched by the EUMAC In order to develop knowledge on marketing automation innovation in order to share newest strategies, tactics and technical skills around Europe.